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Have you seen my sister?

When I was growing up I thought it was hard being someone of mixed heritage, I thought no one understands how hard it is to grow up off rez. For years I thought like that, the us-versus-them mentality, never realizing […]

Green is not always green

A few months ago, I saw a commercial that made me really angry. The S.C. Johnson company says that they are making more environmentally friendly products. They have created a program that enables the company to analyze every ingredient they […]

Getting it right

Dear Mr. Nicholls, In your issue of August 29 (Vol. 15, No. 21), an article by Sonny Orr entitled “Assessing the Assessment” states that the audit report of the GCC(EI)-CRA revealed that “the salary for the executive members ranged from […]

Brome Lac Duck Festival

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a Will on the Grill but when I heard about the Brome Lac Duck Festival I knew it was time. After all the best duck is the one you get yourself. But […]

New Chairman for the Cree Health Board

On October 14, it was announced that James Bobbish was the new chairman for the Cree Health Board. Bobbish squeaked by his opponent John Matoush in a hotly contested run-off election. Bobbish garnered 50.5% of the vote while Matoush picked […]

By The Rapids Cartoon

APTN is proud to announce that starting November 13 at 8pm, the network will start airing By The Rapids, a new Mohawk cartoon series geared at depicting the lighter side of life on a reserve. The Mohawk-language show was developed […]

An autumn gift

I spent some time at the cottage this past week to enjoy the outdoors, the changing landscape of fall colours, cooler temperatures and the absence of biting insects. The autumn is a great time to be outside in the fresh […]

Lighting the way for those not here

Though the main event occurred earlier during the day in Ottawa, as night fell on October 4, thousands of candles were lit across the country at various Sisters in Spirit vigils to remember the lost souls of Canada’s missing and/or […]

Developing Economic Development

Since 1990, Canada’s Aboriginal economic developers have been meeting almost annually to swap strategies on how best to develop economic growth in their communities, support and advise their communities and organizations. Eighteen years later, Quebec had the opportunity once again […]

The George River is saved

Forestry, mining and hydroelectric developments will be now prohibited in a new 9,200-km2 protected zone between the George River Valley and the Monts Pyramides mountains. Monts Pyramides itself will become a park. The announcement was made by Quebec Premier Jean […]