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Recognizing the best

Chibougamau hosted 150 people for the Regional Quebec 2011 Tourism Awards Gala on March 10. Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come was on hand to congratulate the winners. Also attending were Oujé-Bougoumou Chief Louise Wapachee and Mistissini Deputy Chief John S. […]

A rite of spring

I turn 50 this year and this is a celebration for me so I understand the people from Salon Expert Chasse, Pêche et Camping (the Hunting, Fishing and Camping Show). After all it was 50 years ago Father Marcel de […]

Solidarity against racism

In its 11th edition, the city of Val-d’Or was once again host to five days of activities devoted to anti-racism awareness and learning. The Val-d’Or Native Friendship Centre (VDFNC)’s vice president Janet Mark, who also works at the Cégep de […]

And the winner is…

The past several weeks have been a rollercoaster ride for the CerAmony boys. Matthew Iserhoff and Pakesso Mukash returned to Montreal from a recent visit to Toronto with a shiny new possession in their hands – a Juno statue for […]

The outdoorsy type

The flock of geese flew by, quietly checking out the James Bay sun-cured cedar driftwood and black-spruce decoys spread out over the shallow pond, the reflections of the clouds clearly outlined in the mirror-like waters. The head goose turned back […]

Election 2011

We need a better reality show! Recently the minority government headed by Prime Minister Steven Harper announced an election for all Canadians because of the Unholy Trinity of the Opposition. At least this is the message coming our way via […]