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Northern projects: I am Cree

I am Cree is a video made by young women in Northern Ontario. This was a collaboration with Girls Action Foundation through the Media Arts Training and Mentorship Project. The project was developed to enable northern-based girls and young women […]

2012? What happens next?

  Well, the people who made a lot of predictions that the end nigh, might have to hang on just a little longer. It seems that the now-famous Mayan Long Count calendar will end on the next winter’s equinox – […]

Here Comes the Sun!

“Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting, little darling it seems like years since its been clear,” once sang John Lennon in celebration of warmer sunny times to come. His sentiment is one shared by many in the […]

Defending the children

The Federal Court ruling on April 18 was the first victory in a year-long battle to acknowledge the discrimination of First Nations children in the welfare system. Though the fight is far from over, Cindy Blackstock is showing no signs […]

A fallen leader

  The MoCreebec community is in mourning as it grapples with the death of Chief Randy Kapashesit, who died suddenly on April 25. “It was quite a shock to say the least,” said MoCreebec chairman Allan Jolly. “It took a […]

Sh*t my sister says

  I’ve threatened my big sister that I am going to rename this column with the title above. (My editor – hi W*ll! – warned me I would have to use an asterisk for the “i” if I were to […]

Burning van in Mistissini

At present there are no leads in the fire that took place on Tuesday, April 24, at Sam Gunner’s residence in the First Nation of Mistissini, but police suspect it might have been youth up to no good. Emergency services […]

Musique Nomade launches a new website

A new online initiative called Musique Nomade opened up to the public on April 24. The website showcases the work of local Aboriginal artists. The featured artists come mainly from Quebec and Labrador and represent many of the different First […]

Quebec Native Women employees unionizing

Since 1974, Quebec Native Women (QNW) has been fighting to promote Native women’s rights in the workplace and at home. Now they will also include the women working in their offices. The non-profit organization received accreditation for their union with […]

Living in two realities

I am proud to be a First Nation person. I am about as pure bred as an Aboriginal person can be in Canada as both my mother and father were born on the land in their traditional territories. Visibly, I […]