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ᑳ ᒌ ᓂᑑᐦᐅᔮᐦᒡ ᓅᐦᑖᐐ

ᐃᓛᐃᓵ ᑆᐱᔥ ᐌᑉ ᐋ ᒌ ᑎᐹᒋᒧᑦ, ᒋᓵᓰᐲ ᐱᕌᔨᓐ ᐌᑉ ᐋ ᒌ ᐃᑣᔥᑎᒫᑎᐦᒃ ᑭᔮ ᐋ ᒌ ᒥᓯᓂᐦᐊᐦᒃ ᐋᐃ ᒀ ᐊᓐ ᑳ ᐐᐦ ᑎᐹᒋᒧᔮᓐ ᐊᓂᔮ ᑮᑆ ᓅᐦᑖᐐ ᒨᔥ ᐋ ᒌ ᐐᒑᐅᒄ, ᐋ ᒌ ᐐᒋᐦᐄᒃ ᐋ ᓂᑑᐦᐅᑦ᙮ ᐋᑳ ᐅᐦᒋ ᐃᐦᑖᔨᒡᐦ, ᐋᔥᒄ ᐋᑳ ᐅᐦᒋ […]

Hunting with My Father

Told by Eliza Bobbish Webb, Chisasibi Transcribed and translated by Brian Webb I wanted to share the story of the times when I went with my father on the hunt. This was before his sons were capable of hunting. […]

Public lands, private gains

I said goodbye to a close friend last week. No, no one died. This friend is a piece of land about nine acres large on the flank of a small mountain running down to a tiny lake, centred around a […]

Nemaska holds annual golf tournament

The fifth edition of the Nemaska Golf Benefit held at the Belvedere Golf Club on August 2 was a resounding success with over 200 attending the golf tournament and supper and $115,000 being raised. The proceeds from the tournament went […]

Whapmagoostui holds elections

Election season is in full swing. Quebec is in the middle of a provincial campaign, and the US is heading towards an election in November. Now it’s time for the First Nation of Whapmagoostui to get into the voting spirit. […]

More storms on the horizon

I noticed in the news recently that there seems to be a move away from denying climate change or global warming. It looks like people are finally waking up to the fact that we humans are contributing to a situation […]

AGA Waskaganish 2012 Resolutions

DRAFT RESOLUTION Subject: Fighting Diabetes WHEREAS community members of Waskaganish and representatives of the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay have brought to the attention of the members of the 2012 Annual General Assembly of the […]

AGA surprises

Nothing could have prepared the Crees of Eeyou Istchee for this year’s Annual General Assembly of the Grand Council of the Crees and Cree Regional Authority. It would have been unthinkable 20 years ago to see Hydro-Québec’s (HQ) top people […]

Platform talk

Change or the status quo? That’s the choice facing the First Nations communities living in the Ungava district. While the Quebec Liberal Party (PLQ) trumpets the promise and potential of the Plan Nord, the Parti Québécois (PQ) and the Coalition […]

Taking the good with the bad

Hot of the heels of his “virtual walk” from Mistissini to Waskaganish, Sol Awashish, a member of the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay’s Chronic Disease team, made a special presentation at the Annual General Assembly […]