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In loving memory of Mary Alice Rabbitskin a.k.a. JooJet

D.O.B. January 1, 1943 went home July 28, 2008. First and foremost I would like to thank God for letting me know Mary Alice, also known as JooJet. When I first heard the news it was like a shock to […]

Community Violence

This letter is a response to the article in a recent issue of the Nation (Vol. 15, No. 22). Here are my comments and opinions of what happened to me. The way I see life in my community has changed […]

A Meaty Dilemma

The average diet on the James Bay coast is still more-or-less based on a means of survival. People enjoy living off the land by hunting and gathering different foods such as geese, moose, caribou and a variety of fish. This […]

Let them eat chips

Last March, scientists from the Toronto-based environmental company Gartner Lee travelled to Attawapiskat, a small Ontario town at the mouth of the Attawapiskat River where it flows into the James Bay, and studied the condition of the water surrounding the […]

Move over Indian Act

On Saturday, September 13, people came from all over Quebec, Ontario, Hawaii, Ecuador, Chile and the States to walk alongside Montrealers as hundreds took to the streets in protest of the Canadian government’s refusal to adopt the UN’s Declaration on […]

The Prongs of Fighting Oppression

Having served 103 days in jail for defying a court order for staging protests at a potential uranium mining site near Sharbot Lake, Ontario, college professor and retired Ardoch Algonquin Chief Robert Lovelace has no regrets about serving time but […]

Old Man River

A year ago my brother and I made a pact to travel down the river our father and grandfathers worked for many summers. They paddled up and down the Rupert in the service of the Hudson’s Bay Company several times […]

Phelps of the North

Returning to Quebec with five new medals from the 2008 North American Indigenous Games in Cowichan, B.C., swimmer Gabriel Rabbitskin is proud of his wins for Mistissini and hopes there are many more to come. Despite winning four gold medals […]

The price ain’t right

At times there seems to be a million stories about the way the North takes advantage of First Nations and non-residents. We all know things cost more but there are limits to what the market will bear and not complain. […]