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Ho, Ho and Ho…

’Tis that time of the year again, when all spirits should be on the rise in anticipation of Christmas and the holidays. Since I am writing for the Cree, who are mainly Christian, I will stay regionally politically correct and […]

The eternity of Canadian politics

From a strong Conservative minority government that had just been elected, to (almost) a vote of non-confidence and a coalition government of Liberals and New Democrats with Bloc Québécois support, to (actually) a Parliament that has been shut down by […]

The Wreath of Hope and Angel Tree

The folks at Meechum in Mistissini are gearing up for their Christmas charity campaign which includes the Wreath of Hope campaign to feed needy families and the Angel Tree to collect gifts for children whose families can not afford them. […]

Novel about Crees awarded the Giller Prize

Though Boyden, who is a member of the Woodlands Métis, was raised in Willowdale, Toronto, his novels have chronicled the lives of Northern Ontario Crees from the Moosonee area. His first novel, Three Day Road, is the story of two […]

Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women get UN Attention

The committee asked Canada to report back in one year on steps taken to address the failure of law-enforcement agencies to deal with the disappearance and murder of Aboriginal women and girls as well as inadequate social assistance rates across […]

Total prohibition

“There has been an increase in the number of bootleggers in town over the past few years and it has had a really negative social impact on the youth and, in some cases, some younger children. Alcohol is so readily […]

Special Care for Special Needs

The goal was to clarify who has special needs, understand those needs, identify possible solutions, document recommendations and suggest implementation strategies. At the same time, parents with special-needs children had the opportunity to attend workshops. It was a chance to […]

Music to my ears

The music turned on everyone in that venue. The audience was comprised of hardline politicians, small business entrepreneurs, mayors and chiefs, not to mention nearly every economic development officer from all the communities. This was the icing on the cake, […]

The last 10 years

Our professionalism has been of the highest standards. As proof of this, every year we win awards for our work. Though we don’t normally brag I will let part of our record speak for itself. These are the awards we […]