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The Original Cree Way

I was born and raised in a small, remote First Nation community and I can tell you it was all about survival of the fittest. In general, there are many reasons why life can be hard on a person when […]

cree@large: Melisa Pash

There is just a hint of French in singer Melisa Pash’s speaking voice. I heard this when I caught up with her by phone in Val-d’Or. Melisa was born on Fort George Island and was raised in Val-d’Or, and makes […]

Family Reunion

Cree communities across Eeyou Istchee came together to play the good old Canadian game of ice hockey in Val-d’Or December 13-14. Altogether there were 54 teams that competed to be top team in both men and women’s hockey and broomball. […]

Uranium and Contamination

While Strateco’s PR machine for the Matoush project is telling the Crees that the benefits from the uranium exploration project and eventual mine have boundless benefits and is practically imprintless, not everyone is on board with their ideology. While just […]

Aftermath of a diversion

The impacts of the Rupert River diversion may have been predictable – for the most part – but that hasn’t lessened the disruption and pain that have followed in the wake of the emotional dam closing ceremony on November 7. […]

State of the Cree Nation Address

Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come was the first Grand Chief to deliver a State of the Cree Nation Address in the Nation. He was candid then and continues to be. He talks about the economy, education, the future and what’s […]

Eeyou Power Expands Its Influence

Eeyou Power, the Cree Nation’s recently formed energy company, will continue to move forward after signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on December 17 with Canadian engineering firm, Genivar. Shortly before the Val-d’Or signing event, Eeyou Power board member Jack […]

Attawapiskat Wins!

The Ontario Cree community of Attawapiskat is overjoyed in what can be described as a holiday miracle. After almost a decade of lobbying, the community finally has a concrete promise for a new school. On Wednesday, December 9, the fly-in […]

To make and break a year

Stuck in a rut? Making the same old resolutions year after year? Breaking the same old resolutions year after year? Got the will power of a weenie? Don’t beat yourself up over it. Making a resolution is recognizing there is […]