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Speeding up the Rupert River Project for Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama is the reason behind Quebec Energy Minister Claude Béchard direct order to Hydro-Québec to speed up the construction of two hydro-dam projects. With the U.S. expressing more interest in renewable energy, Béchard has given Hydro-Québec six […]

Canada’s Flawed Human Rights Record Highlighted

Many governments noted that Canada’s human rights record is flawed as participants of a United Nations’ Human Rights Council review of Canada’s record in Geneva that wrapped up on February 5. Under the council’s new Universal Periodic Review process, 68 […]

Oh what a night!

The Niskamoon Corporation honoured its newest graduating class July 15 with a golf tournament and a gala graduation ceremony for the 15 grads of two vocational programs, Automated Systems Electro-Mechanics, and Industrial Construction and Maintenance Mechanics. With diplomas in hand, […]

Fighting the flu

I am finally almost over a nasty flu that has made my life miserable for two weeks. I am guessing I picked this bug up at the tail end of the holidays while I spent time in southern Ontario. By […]

Doing the right thing

Doing the right thing

Professional speaker Rick Osborne There is no doubt that in recent years in the Cree communities, gang and youth violence have been on the minds of many. Between general assemblies that have focussed entirely on wayward youth conduct and a […]

Money for Nothin’

The sum of $1.4 billion is no doubt a hefty chunk of change. According to the Federal Ministry of Finance website, Canada already “invests’ over $10 billion annually on Aboriginal priorities in addition to the new funding announced in the […]

Mr. Yes Man

“I don’t see any discrimination certainly in this budget,” said Patrick Brazeau, former Chief of the Congress of Aboriginal People and newly appointed senator. If his name sounds familiar it is because it has been splashed across the many national […]

Out in the Cold

Canada’s Native Friendship Centres have found themselves left out in the cold once again with no new funding from this year’s federal budget. It would not however be such a big deal had they received any new money since 1998 […]

Show me the love

Valentine’s Day is upon us. I can already hear some guys and no doubt a few girls saying, “Damn, what to do, what to do?” The crass commercialization of Valentine’s Day means you are expected to get a card, flowers, […]