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Public service and private benefits

For 40 days last spring, Quebec’s health minister was a double agent. From May 17, 2008, until he resigned his cabinet position last June 25, Philippe Couillard was under contract not only to the people of Quebec, but also to […]

First Mistissini Basketball Meet

The Recreational Department of Mistissini in conjunction with the Mistissini Basketball Association, also known as the “The Sleeping Giants,” will be hosting their first-ever invitation basketball tournament at the Sports Complex March 27-29. This tournament is a longtime dream in […]

AFNQL Angered Over Development Deal that Excludes Algonquins

Assembly of the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Chief Ghislain Picard expressed shock and disapproval recently over Quebec Aboriginal Affairs Minister Pierre Corbeil’s signing of an agreement for sustainable development of groundwater resources in Abitibi-Témiscaminque. The agreement was made […]

Chisasibi Police Continue Drug-Related Arrests, Laura and Kim Moses Taken Into Custody

Chisasibi police have confirmed that yet another two have been arrested on drug-related charges after the execution of a search warrant at 103 Center Road in Chisasibi. Though the individuals have yet to be charged pending further analysis of the […]

It’s Time To Invest In First Nation Education

The greatest problem that just about every First Nation across Canada has when it comes to education is a lack of finances. In contrast, the biggest concern that the government of Canada has at this moment is what to do […]

Food for Thought

Though the vast majority of us don’t get all of our dietary advice from what we learn at trade shows, the recent Eat Well Expo and Living Green did have a lot to offer when it came to what’s hip […]

Trekking through the heartland

Making the journey from Whapmagoostui to Waskaganish on foot is not a feat to be taken lightly but it is a personal journey that a group of Crees has decided to turn into a month-long project. Part two of last […]

Don’t Let Them Get Away with It!

The fact that there are now 510 missing and/or murdered Aboriginal women in Canada since 1980 is still news to many but the message is slowly beginning to permeate throughout the general population. Change is happening albeit slowly. Beverly Jacobs, […]

Exclusive turf

There is no secret about the fact that one way of improving your business is to have product exclusivity. But it’s a different ball game when that exclusivity prevents other businesses from obtaining entire product lines. This has been the […]

Northern Plans

Every time I look south for news and anything interesting, I find the south staring right back at us with great interest. Sometimes it feels like a major move is coming and it’s going to take us by surprise, just […]