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Running Again!

No stranger to politics, Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff has spent a life devoted to leadership in the Cree Nation. At 35, he has already spent the last four years in his current position, was Youth Grand Chief and Chairman […]

An Inspiring Force

Last year, former Grand Chief Billy Diamond was named a Dobson Fellow by the Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies at McGill University in Montreal. However, due to a massive stroke he suffered in April 2008, Diamond was unable to attend […]

Stating the obvious

The death of any individual is hard to deal with. It is even harder when that loss is tragic. But when an incident involves two young men whose lives were tragically cut short, questions need to be asked. On January […]

Getting votes that count

Another election to decide who gets to be top dog or head honcho is looming. This can’t be my fourth time writing about this or is it my third? Whatever the number, it still seems that it was just yesterday […]

National Aboriginal Day

It’s the longest day of the year though some may wish it were shorter. That’s because it’s National Aboriginal Day and segments of the population just wish Canada’s Aboriginal population would just disappear and be assimilated already. It is a […]

Patriot Games

The recent “Fête des Patriotes” in Quebec, known as Victoria Day in the rest of Canada, was a reminder that history is an evolving story, one that is continually invoked – and rewritten – to meet the needs of today. […]

Governor Generals, Seal Hearts and Canadian Maple Syrup

It was the seal tartar chomp heard around the world when Governor General Michaelle Jean bit into a raw seal heart. Jean helped to gut the seal before swallowing a slice of the mammal’s heart so according to Aboriginal culture […]

Charlie Angus, at it again

Charlie Angus, a NDP MP for the Timmins-James Bay, has once again championed a First Nations educational problem. This time Angus cites from a Parliamentary Budget Officer report. Angus said it shows a deplorable situation in education and the roots […]

Whapmagoustui gets cellphone service

It’s true, a proud Sonny Orr called the Nation on his cellphone with the news. We’ll let you know who gets the cellphone service and sales later. We’d like to welcome the residents of Whapmagoustui into the 21st century. Now […]

Ipperwash to be resolved?

The Chippewas of Kettle and Stoney Point First Nation may be finally going home. Ontario Aboriginal Affairs Minister Brad Duguid signed a deal to begin transfer of Ipperwash Provincial Park to the Stony Point First Nation. The handover was a […]