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Keep Your Hands To Yourself

I spent the first two weeks of January with a terrible flu. It was one of the worst periods of influenza that I ever had to deal with. In the middle of feeling weak and constantly coughing, I saw a […]

An interview with Deputy Grand Chief candidate Bella Moses Petawabano

TN: How did you feel about the first round of the election? BMP: I think it went very well. I was very surprised because I was competing with people who have extensive experience in Cree politics who are also known […]

An interview with Deputy Grand Chief candidate Ashley Iserhoff

TN: How are you feeling about the July 15 election? AI: It was very exciting. Elections are a very exciting time for everybody and people are very anxious. I guess I was more anxious than nervous to hear the results. […]

An interview with Grand Chief candidate Matthew Coon Come

TN: How did the first portion of the election go for you? MCC: I thought that all of the candidates campaigned superbly. They all made important contributions and they made me proud to be Cree. But, of course I would […]

An interview with Grand Chief candidate Matthew Mukash

TN: How do you think this last portion of the election went? MM: I have not made an analysis myself of why the numbers went the way they did. The voter turnout was not all that big. Basically it is […]

Learning about the shrooms

There’s more to find in the bush than meets the eye. That’s what Pierre Chevrier is betting on. The Economic Development Advisor and Sustainable Development Officer for the James Bay Development Society (SDBJ) in Matagami, Chevrier is spearheading a pilot […]

Vegetable fun

The game of street hockey will never be the same for a group of young Natives from the Val-d’Or Native Friendship Centre. On July 1 and 2, Loco Locass, the popular francophone hip-hop band, visited the centre and hooked up […]

Sharing the wealth

The signing of an Impact Benefit Agreement (IBA) by Matachewan First Nation and Northgate Minerals Corp. on July 14, means that the community will benefit from a new spirit of cooperation when it comes to resource development on or near […]

Fifty – and proud

Members of the Cree community of Wemindji celebrated 50 years of existence and they did so in style. Bradley A. J. Georgekish, one of the main organizers, was impressed how the community came together to support the festival. It was […]

Selling Cree Water to the U.S

The Montreal Economic Institute has just published a new study that shows how the province of Quebec could make billions selling water from the north to the United States. The study’s author, F. Pierre Gingras, a former hydroelectric power engineer […]