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Nemaska Fitness Challenge 2009

Imagine how well our grandfathers would have done in Nemaska’s Fitness Challenge. They were able to paddle for miles a day, portage over hills and valleys, swim across fast rivers and rush lengths across their hunting grounds in snowshoes and […]

Maestro please!

John Kim Bell has lived many lives. The Kahanawake native is known for creating the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation in 1985, which started up the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards in the 1993. Bell is also a composer, who has scored […]

Canoes and other news

The past few weeks have been very busy for Cree Nation Youth Grand Chief Stacy Bear. Between a highly successful Cree Nation Youth Council Annual General Assembly in July, spearheading a new campaign to inspire hope and seeing off her […]

Literacy rescue

Over the years the Nation has reported on the high drop-out rates in Eeyou Istchee, that its students have had substandard reading abilities and that many take more time to finish high school than the rest of the province. But, […]

Another Attawapiskat evacuation

For the second time this year the community of Attawapiskat has declared a state of emergency after an infrastructure failure led to a sewage backup in multiple homes in the community. Though the community appealed to Indian and Northern Affairs […]

Getting to know you

He might be young and without political experience but Stanley George beat out incumbent Chief Losty Mamianscum and running mate Isaac Masty to take the top position as Whapmagoostui’s new Chief. “I am very happy and I know it is […]

Pent up Crees

The pain of every breath clung to the dried-out windpipe leading to my lungs that were grasping for relief from the ordeal called the pentathlon. However, this particular pentathlon was done all at the same time, with no breaks in […]

Election 2009: missed opportunities, new hopes

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. That hackneyed refrain could be the slogan for the recently concluded election for Grand Chief of the Crees that returned Matthew Coon Come to power after a 10-year absence from active […]

Atleo wins AFN election after marathon vote

Shawn Atleo was elected the new National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations after a 23-hour overnight voting session in Calgary July 23. Atleo, the AFN Vice-Chief from B.C., was in a tight neck-and-neck race with Perry Bellegarde, a […]

Run For Our Rivers Marathon

As many may know, the Hydro-Québec project for the Rupert River diversion is already in motion. The next river targeted by Hydro-Québec is the Romaine River, which runs into the St. Lawrence River, is about the same size as the […]