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Cree Women Unite!

Though the idea of forming an organization to further women in terms of equality has been rattling around the Cree Nation for decades, the movement has now gained the means to move forward as a real entity. The Cree Women […]

“It’s Either Me or the Camera!”

What started out as filming footage for a seemingly innocuous Niskamoon video project has turned into quite the debacle. On October 28, Pearl Weistche and her camerawoman headed out to a meeting hosted by the Société d’énergie de la Baie […]

50 million reasons to leave…

The national Internet headlines blared out that one person, apparently hysterically screaming, crying and laughing at a counter in a small store on a northern Manitoba reserve caused a store employee to rush from the back of the store to […]

That time of year is upon us

I remember this story from my youth. I thought it a sad story. Like any young person I felt that people should never pass by someone in need. Of course, this was re-enforced by the Cree way of life. I […]

People of the river of the mist

The northernmost stretch of the Yellowhead Highway, between Smithers and Terrace, BC, passes through the territory of the Gitsxan nation. I spent an important part of my childhood there growing up in one of the Hazeltons, three small towns (New […]

Nunavik elections see many photo finishes

Democracy is alive and well in Nunavik, where several hotly contested mayoral races helped push voter turnout in the round of municipal elections in 13 of Nunavik’s 14 communities on Nov. 4. Many multi-candidate races resulted in several new community […]

Back to the bunkers

Public. It’s a simple word, only two syllables, but sometimes people have a hard time understanding what it means. Consider the term “public corporation.” Used in this way, it means that a company is owned by the citizens of a […]

Palermo on the St. Lawrence?

s a city, Montreal has had better months. Revelation after scandal after embarrassment has rocked this old town, especially during the closing weeks of one of its most closely fought municipal elections in recent memory (which concluded, mercifully, after press […]

Why do the good people have to go so soon

Every time we, the Cree Nation, lose a youth or any Cree individual who has contributed so much to the Cree Nation there is always one question that lingers in my mind: “Why did he or she have to go […]

Agreement between Canada & Greenland to be signed for Polar Bear Conservation

Federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice will be traveling to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, on October 30 to sign a much-awaited agreement between the Canadian and Greenland governments as well as the Nunavut territorial government. The three parties have been at work for […]