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What’s “Tough on Crime” Mean?

Prime Minister Stephen Harper ushered in five new senators at the end of January to help solidify his tough-on-crime policy, but tough on crime might just mean being tougher on some of Canada’s most marginalized people. For the Native Women’s […]

Cree Power

February 10 became a historic day for the Nation of Eeyou Istchee as five community Chiefs handed over their cheques and inked the deal with Eeyou Power, the newly formed Cree energy company. Chiefs from Eastmain, Nemaska, Oujé-Bougoumou, Waskaganish and […]

This Is Our Land

The Council Board held a special meeting in Mistissini on February 9 to address growing concerns throughout out the Cree communities that stem from the creation of Bill 40. This piece of legislation was created in 2001 after the signing […]

Creeepy Cccanaada…

When I was young, it was always a thrill listening to scary stories before going to bed, or around the campfire, or amongst friends over a strong cup of coffee. Certain stories really made my hair stand straight up and […]

Kahnawake Evictions

Society as a whole is made up of different people from varied backgrounds, each with many valuable things to offer their communities. Kahnawake is certainly no different. The issue of non-Natives in Kahnawake is being debated fiercely on the Internet, […]

Another green light

While the community of Mistissini has once again requested a “pause” in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and permitting process granting Strateco the rights to build an exploration ramp deep into the Otish Mountains, the federal government has given the […]

Meditation On The Edge Of Town

Life for a teenager is hard to say the least. It is even more difficult if you are growing up in a remote northern Native community. I remember feeling the stress and anxieties of that period between being a child […]

Law and disorder

For a politician so fond of surfing the law-and-order wave that currently appears to be cresting on one its periodic high tides, Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper sure doesn’t show much respect for the law himself, even those enacted by […]

Val-d’Or Native Friendship Centre Pleased by Social Housing Announcement

Val-d’Or’s Friendship Centre welcomed the announcement of 63 new social housing units made January 26 by Val-d’Or, the Quebec government and the Office municipal d’habitation. The development will be named Les Résidences du Plateau. “Considering the crying needs for social […]

Funding Scandal Rocks Canada’s Only Native-Run University

The province of Saskatchewan announced that it will cut off all funding by April 1 to the First Nations University of Canada because it have lost confidence in the school after a major funding scandal. Advanced Education Minister Rob Norris […]