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Exposing the face… of intolerance

I am an atheist. I think all gods and religions are human creations that were invented to serve us for a variety of emotional, social, cultural and political reasons. As valid and laudable as many of those reasons might be, […]

First Nations University Students’ Future Still Uncertain

While the federal government has cut off permanent funding to Regina’s First Nations University amidst a major funding scandal this past winter, their cash injection to save the academic year for the students attending the school may not be enough. […]

NWAC’s Sisters In Spirit Optimistic Despite their Lack of a Funding Commitment

While their funding agreement for the research project they have been conducting over the past five years has not been renewed, the Native Women’s Association of Canada’s Sisters In Spirit is still hopeful that it might be reborn in moving […]

A Lesson In Love And Devotion

I met a new friend about a year ago. Her name is Jessie and she is a big, long-haired golden retriever with a very quiet nature. She is part of the Vokes family who live near Six Nations in southwestern […]

The Hollywood Treatment

The staff of Rezolution Pictures, along with their friends, families, colleagues and many of the festival goers at Montreal’s International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA) packed the Cinémathèque québécoise for the Montreal premiere of Reel Injun March 25. In […]

Making the Masterpiece

They are a hit on Myspace, have hundreds of fans on Facebook and are enormously popular in the Cree Nation. Hot of the heels of launching their first full-length album, CerAmony’s frontman Matthew Iserhoff is proud of the road he […]

The Crees’ best friend?

A proposed diamond mine north of Mistissini is much closer to becoming reality after the release of an updated preliminary assessment by the project promoter. On March 23, Stornoway Diamond Corporation announced that the Renard Diamond Project is estimated to […]

An Arresting Experience

Maya Rolbin-Ghanie is Montreal-based independent journalist, creative writer and activist. In March 2009, she founded Missing Justice, an action-based, grassroots solidarity collective that works to eliminate violence and discrimination against Aboriginal women living in Quebec. The collective seeks to consult […]

A New Approach To Traditional Lands

With the recent referendum on the offshore islands, the Grand Council took measures to involve the youth. Many societies, not only Cree, have had a problem getting the youth to vote on important issues involving the Cree Nation. While using […]

Celebrating the Life of Chief Robert James Weistche

I know most of our readers were disappointed with the obituary on Robert Weistche. I don’t blame you. I was disappointed myself. It came in at the last minute just before we had to go to press. What I received […]