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On the Path of the Elder

What began as a research project to bring the youth and the Elders of the Mushkegowuk region together has become one of the most innovative Cree leaning websites on the Internet. A few years ago, Stan Louttit (not the Mushkegowuk […]

Epic journey of the Odeyak celebrates 20 years

When two boats were spotted in the Hudson River by a roving news helicopter, little did the reporter on the story realize that the environmental movement was about to change. It wasn’t until later in the day, Earth Day April […]

Putting Research into Action

While their mission over the last five years has been research driven, the Native Women’s Association of Canada’s Sisters In Spirit (SIS) initiative is in the process of reinventing itself: using knowledge to pave the way for change. On April […]

Giving our children Innu names

Giving your child a Native name was something that was used by our ancestors. However, this tradition was almost wiped out when we were introduced to Christianity. Most churches and missionaries refused to consider Innu names, so we took on […]

Looking Back on Love

This is the week the Cree School Board travels to Osprey for meetings and a bit of fishing. I have been looking forward to this, travelling back through time – a time to remember. I hurried in many directions trying […]

Still discriminatory

The British Columbia Court of Appeal granted the federal government a three-month extension to implement Bill C-3, an amendment to the Indian Act, on April 1 after the court deemed the bill discriminatory as a result of the McIvor v. […]

Is our future farming

The fax rings and another sheet appears from a Cree office somewhere, announcing the spring goose break and the fact that many Cree will go “missing” for the next few weeks. It is this rite of spring which seems to […]

The Spring Goose Hunt

It has been a few years since I last went goose hunting. Whenever I go I always think back to other hunts like many Crees. All the memories are good and many mean a lot to me in many ways. […]

Identity theft or is it really true

A brand new car and $800,000 is something everyone would be interested in receiving and will do anything to get it. However is it a scam? Apparently a person presenting himself as a lawyer contacted a woman from Chisasibi and […]