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Building the future

The phone starts ringing off the hook and the message machine crams with messages. I had been relaxing in the relative slow season of summer. The calls are all from everyone calling me back after their annual summer leave. On […]

John Kim Bell to lend expertise to First Nations University

Brookfield First Nations energy advocate at Brookfield Renewable Power and famed Mohawk composer John Kim Bell has been appointed leader of Strategic Business Development for First Nations University. The troubled Saskatchewan university lost its federal funding earlier this year as […]

Senate passes Bill S-4 to help abused and divorced Aboriginal women

The federal government has passed the controversial Bill S-4 to keep Aboriginal women from losing on-reserve homes as a result of abuse or divorce despite the pleas of Native women’s groups to stop the bill. The women’s groups have been […]

Nunavik to get $60 million more for healthcare

Quebec premier Jean Charest flew to Nunavik on July 6 to announce that the region would be getting a 60% increase in healthcare dollars. In Nunavik’s new seven-year deal with Quebec, the province will up health and social services spending […]

Grant Me The Serenity

It’s raining outside and the temperature is hovering around 10 degrees. The clouds are hanging low and there is a steady stream of cold droplets falling from the sky. To most, it could be described as a very miserable summer […]

Staying healthy

When you first learn you have diabetes, you may be in shock, since it can be a devastating disease. However, you can live a long and healthy life, providing you exercise and follow a proper diet. This may be easier […]

Crees on the contamination scene

Though the province of Quebec has its own steering committee mandated to assess the contamination and conduct a cleanup on sites near Oujé-Bougoumou that have been affected by several mining operations, the community has decided to get more involved. According […]

Video won’t kill this radio star

Joshua Iserhoff describes his radio show, “The Joshua Show”, as a blend of “Larry King stirred in Oprah, dipped in Amanpour, sprinkled with Seacrest and finally kissed by Ellen”, all in Cree. Three months ago, Iserhoff took to the James […]

A Cree-owned hotel

The city of Val-d’Or will be stepping up to the plate when it comes to offering accommodations and meeting spaces to clients from the north and abroad at the new Quality Inn and Suites, slated to open in January 2011. […]

And the speeches are…

Welcome everybody here in this room. My name is Ryan Erless. I am 31 years old. I am from Waskaganish. I am married to Rachel Longchap and we recently had our first child. This evening, I am going to give […]