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Getting closer to “being healthy”

Aboriginals in the Val-d’Or area will now have the opportunity to get a leg up when it comes to starting out healthier lives as the city’s Native Friendship Centre (VDNFC) has just opened a new clinic. Dubbed the Minowe Clinic, […]

To the heart of the matter

I was listening to JBCCS early-morning radio and there was an interesting homegrown song about love, which in many ways, reflects the mood at this time of year. Holiday wise, it’s just a few days past Groundhog Day, who, incidentally, […]

Food for thought

On Monday, January 31, I attended the official opening of the Justice Building in Mistissini. It was impressive. The whole gang can be proud of this accomplishment. It’s another nail in the coffin of dependency. Self-governance is closer than ever […]