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The silly season

Quebecers are a goofy bunch. At a time when the deadly evidence of global warming is drowning big parts of the province (when it’s not chewing up cities in monster tornados and spitting them out as so much building debris […]

Native Friendship Centre re-opens on Aboriginal Day

On National Aboriginal Day, the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal (NFCM) invites everyone to its grand re-opening celebrations. There will be two days of activities showcasing Native culture and heritage June 21-22. The event is being organized by the NFCM […]

Michener Award nominee Steve Bonspiel

It is with great pride that we announce that our friend Steve Bonspiel, the editor and publisher of The Eastern Door, is a nominee for the prestigious Michener Award. The award is given to a Canadian news publication whose entry […]

Xstrata Nickel hands out profits to Inuit

Nickel’s Raglan mine has given $15.2 million to Makivik Corporation towards the development of Inuit communities. The money comes as part of an agreement signed in 1995 between Raglan, Makivik and the Inuit communities. This sum is the Inuit share […]

Aboriginal gaming innovation at its best

Adding to Montreal’s already thriving gaming industry, Rezolution Pictures has branched out with Minority Inc. to produce games. Executive producer and chief spiritual officer Ernest Webb has always wanted to share stories of the James Bay Cree with the world […]

Another time in a faraway place called Nawashi.

I am happy for my mom. She got a great gift this hunting season with a helicopter trip back to her traditional family home on the shores of the Nawashi River. This place is special to my mom and I […]

Reaping the benefits

Six First Nation trainees are ready to start work in the mining sector thanks to a partnership program between Matachewan First Nation, Northgate Minerals Corp and Dumas Contracting. The graduates of the Underground Miner Training program, which was provided under […]

Restoring the balance

Although the Quebec government has denied it for years, the facts are that Lake Chibougamau has been and still is contaminated by waste from the mining facilities nearby. In August 2005, Nation editor-in-chief Will Nicholls exposed a government cover-up in […]

Reinterpreting the past

The McCord Museum, located in downtown Montreal, is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year. The museum is taking advantage of the occasion to promote its position as a premier history museum as well as maintain its reputation as a thought-provoking, […]

There’s more than gold in thar hills

The Plan Nord is off and running as far as the mining industry is concerned. New roads are slated to open up Eeyou Istchee like a can of sweet peaches. Everyone is looking to get a share of the potential […]