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Occupy the media

I had the privilege today of giving a media workshop to an august and vitally important group: a couple dozen members of a welfare-and-housing-rights group in Montreal called Project Genesis. Now, members of this “elite” don’t belong to the economic […]

AFN withdraws from missing women inquiry

The Assembly of First Nations is the latest group to withdraw from the British Columbia Missing Women’s Commission of Inquiry in Vancouver for the victims of serial killer Robert Pickton. According to National Grand Chief Shawn A-in-chut Atleo, the AFN […]

Poachers convicted for hunting on Category II lands

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife, on August 31, two men from Val David were convicted on charges of poaching and sentenced to fines totaling $8400. The charges stem from when the two, Pascal Rondeau and Jean-Guy […]

Ouje elects a new Chief and council

On September 29, the community of Oujé-Bougoumou went to the polls to elect a new Chief and Council resulting in a win for Reggie Neeposh, who is the community’s new Chief, and Randy Bosum, the Deputy Chief. Neeposh came out […]

Burning “Ring of Fire”

My friends have always been amazed at the fact that I know the words to so many old country tunes. Well, I was brought up listening day and night to my parents’ collection of country-music records and for better or […]

Planning ahead for the needy

On October 5, Projets Autochtones du Québec (PAQ) held its annual general assembly at the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal. The PAQ is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on combating the issue of homelessness amongst its First Nations, Métis and […]

Six years on and still burning at both ends

October 4 is no longer just a day when Canada’s Aboriginal peoples bow their heads to mourn the loss of over 582 documented missing/murdered Native women as larger portions of the nation are mourning with them. Despite this, the number […]

Hellbent on Halloween

Whether you’ve already ordered Halloween costumes online for the whole family or are still planning out the ultimate in costume craziness to outdo your neighbours, that spooky season is once again right around the corner and it’s time to get […]

Rookie of the year

After only eight months of operation, Val-d’Or’s Quality Inn & Suites, a joint venture between CREECO and Trahan Holdings, has already been awarded for outstanding performance and quality of service, beating out other hotels in the Choice Hotels Canada chains. […]

Hallooooweee’een snippets 4

One of the craziest times of the year is breathing down our necks like some rabid vampire who hasn’t had a drop of blood in days. The skies overhead drip with snow-tinged blasts of air as children and adults brave […]