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From the voice of a child

  Recently while covering an event as part of my work I was surprised at a question that came my way. That query came from the voice of a child. Little Michael Tomagatick looked up at me and asked, “Do […]

Making better choices

  More than 250 school children discovered the empowerment of self-confidence and feeling good about themselves through a diabetes prevention initiative in Timmins November 4. They made this discovery through workshops provided by Turtle Concepts, led by Dave “Jaegar” Jones […]

Native sons

  Family and community -– that’s what the Cree band CerAmony is all about, and it has become their mantra in their personal and professional lives. Matthew A. Iserhoff and Pakesso Mukash took different roads to get where they are […]

Wine galore

Enjoying wine is all about enjoying the moment. When Nation editor-in-chief Will Nicholls asked me to review the wines at the annual wine and spirits event, La Grande Dégustation de Montréal 2011, I thought – now there’s a moment. I […]

Protecting the trees

  On November 16, McGill University’s Aboriginal Sustainability Project and the Canadian Boreal Initiative hosted a conference celebrating the successes and the challenges facing the Aboriginal communities in conserving the boreal forest as well as personal stories regarding their experience […]

With Remembrance to a Veteran

  When Maggie Gull was 16 years of age, she was informed it was time to leave school because of her age. She attended the residential school in Chapleau, Ontario. But determined as she was, she found employment through the […]

Oujé-Bougoumou students honour veterans

  The Remembrance Day commemorations went well. Cynthia and I (Tom) on the intercom, asked the students in their classes to stand and observe the two-minute silence. Afterwards we read “In Flanders Field”, then invited the classes to go into […]

A Word from Santa’s Helpers

  While anyone who believes that Santa Claus is coming to bring them presents on Christmas Eve has no doubt already made their Christmas list a few times over by now, not everyone on your gift shopping list makes it […]

Back on track

  If you ask young Cree hockey fans today who their hockey idol is, most will say Jonathan Cheechoo. Born and raised in Moose Factory, Cheechoo was the first Cree player to be drafted by an NHL team when he […]

A sparkling future

  A study released by the Stornoway Diamond Corporation has estimated that over $4 billion worth of diamonds is buried in an area northeast of Mistissini. The results, released on November 16, are part of a long-term investigation undertaken by […]