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Mistissini youth bring anti-uranium message to Montreal

A handful of Crees from Mistissini joined in Earth Day celebrations in Montreal to raise awareness about an issue they feel has not been getting enough airtime – to end uranium mining in Eeyou Istchee and around the world. Carrying […]

Proud to be a tree hugger

  One of the first signs of spring is the budding of the leaves on trees and bushes. It feels good after a long hard winter to realize that the sun is coming up earlier and setting a little later. […]

Letter to the Nation

Dear Mr. Nichols: I have forwarded letters to be printed in the Nation on a couple of occasions. Consistently, my letters have been printed with grammatical errors even though I ensure that they are correctly written prior to sending them […]

Goose hunt update

  The goose hunt has picked up since the last update with many if not all nine Cree communities getting their first goose. Marcel Blacksmith from Mistissini and Simian Mianscum from Waswanipi were the first to shoot some geese. Over […]

Hidden calorie bombs

  Would you feed your child a chocolate bar for breakfast or eat a bag of candy as a mid-morning snack? If the thought of this sound appalling to you then you are in the vast majority of folks who […]

Left out of the loop

  An Ontario Métis tribe prepares to take the Government of Ontario to trial in the coming months, accusing it of excluding them from negotiations for mining grants within their claimed territory. The Algonquin Woodland Métis Anishinabek Tribe (AWMAT) submitted […]

Old-style justice

  Justice used to be done very differently in the Cree Nation. As Public Health Officer Charles Esau explained over the traditional lunch honouring the opening of the Waskaganish Justice Centre, the sixth such facility to open in a Cree […]

Resources and economic autonomy

  At the How to Get Out of Colonialism conference, held in Montreal on April 19, McGill Professor Roderick Macdonald opened his presentation with a troubling anecdote. The conference was organized by the Indigenous People and Governance (IPG) working group, […]

The future of Indigenous/non-Indigenous relations

  Despite its name, the “General Principles of Indigenous/Non-Indigenous Interactions” workshop was anything but general: it was specific, complex, varied and it provided attendees a wealth of information to consider. Academics who study Aboriginal affairs at some of Canada’s most […]

Issues of sovereignty and cultural identity

  The Indigenous Peoples and Governance (IPG) working group organized a four-day conference titled “How to Break Out of Colonialism?” at the Grande Bibliothèque in Montreal April 17-20. IPG is an academic research project that has gathered 40 Indigenous and […]