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I am mother, hear me roar

Two Cree women reflect on motherhood Whether you are a single mom braving it on your own or a grandmother with numerous grandchildren, part of being a Cree mother is not just your bloodline but an ancestral connection to how […]

Keeper of the language

Dinah Asquabaneskum from Wemindji speaks about her life I was born in a winter lodge on my father’s trapline, not far from LG3, in 1958. As a child, I couldn’t go to school as much as I wanted because classes […]

Endangered species

A report released last year outlining the state of decline of the woodland caribou herds of northern Quebec brought attention to the dire situation. In response to the situation, the Cree Regional Authority (CRA) released a plan April 10 detailing […]


“Dad, what’s a hippie?” My daughter wonders about such things. I reply, “A hippie is the opposite of the straight, narrow-minded, war-mongering people and peace and love were the code words of those days.” Also, groovy, cool, hip, dude, chick […]

The next step?

As a nation grows so does the need for more and more infrastructure, tools, policies and procedures that will enable it to develop in a healthy way. There is no doubt that the Cree Nation, as a whole, has grown […]