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Putting up with mosquitoes

T he Sah-kah-mel or mosquitoes are really, really bad this year. I think I have used up every swear word I ever learned in Cree, English and even French complaining about these little insects. No matter what I do they […]

Elections Part III: Christopher Napash, Linda Lillian Shecapio, Robert Kitchen

Christopher Napash Deputy Grand Chief candidate CN: I am from Chisasibi but was born on Fort George Island. I have been involved in politics both directly and indirectly over the course of my entire career. I currently work as the Assistant […]

Elections Part III: Matthew Coon Come, Virginia Wabano, Roger Sandy

As the election race for the positions of Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief heats up, more candidates accept our invitation to speak about their dreams for the future. With perspectives from just about every point on the spectrum, some […]

Lubicon Lake Nation claims its rights

 In Northern Alberta, the fight for First Nations rights to ancestral lands is moving towards another showdown between the Lubicon Lake First Nation and the federal and provincial governments. The Cree band is calling on the courts to block all […]

New project to map urban Aboriginal mobility

 As Quebec’s Aboriginal population continues to surge, people across the province are travelling between Nations and cities in unprecedented volume. This month, the Regroupement des centres d’amitié autochtones du Quebec (RCAAQ) announced the impending release of a new study carried […]

Bust and boom

A high-profile raid in Waswanipi gets locals talking about drugs and crime. Some people said that the police had their guns drawn. Others even said that shots were fired. As the rumours circulated, however, it became clear that few in […]

Iserhoff visits Australia

At the invitation of the Australian government, Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff addressed the inaugural conference of the World Indigenous Network in Darwin, Australia, on May 27. The conference brought together Indigenous groups from around the world with over 1,300 […]

Aboriginal Affairs minister defends Ottawa’s funding cuts

The Conservative government is defending its further planned cuts to the Aboriginal Affairs budget. On June 9, many Aboriginal advocacy groups were shocked to learn that their funding has been cut within the latest rounds of austerity measures pushed forward […]

A constant presence

The First Nations film and cultural festival unveils its schedule For the past 23 years, Land InSights has been bringing First Peoples Festival / Présence Autochtone to Montreal with a line-up of Aboriginal films and performances that rivals the city’s […]

Aboriginal couture: Inukt melds First Nations culture into its fashion

Aboriginal couture: Inukt melds First Nations culture into its fashion

Over the years, Canadian artists and designers have been inspired by the rich imagery and symbolism of First Nations culture. But walking down the streets of downtown Montreal, which offers a good representation of the Canadian fashion scene, the style […]