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Caught in the fire: Johnny Neeposh talks about his Eastmain forest-fire experience

On hand to protect his family’s cabins and camp, Mistissini’s Johnny Neeposh contacted the Nation and spoke about being alone in the bush with the wildlife in this incredible tale of survival. Here is his account from trapline M25, near […]

Waswanipi’s Teddy Otter says the ECN is just giving him a line

Talking about dealing with the poles on his trapline, Waswanipi’s Teddy Otter recalls George Orwell’s book Animal Farm. “They taught us that in school,” he said, about the story of animals that organize and fight to take control of their […]

A traditional circle of non-responsibility

They say the fire near Eastmain started on June 12 but no one did anything about it for over two weeks. Even as I write this editorial the fire is still burning and it’s July 17. The fire is (or […]

On top of the world

Everyone who has lost a father or mother understands what a terrible hole that makes in one’s life. It seemed that those people who were so much a part of our earliest years would always be around. In fact, in […]

Bumping along the highway

Follow the Yellow Brick Road and you’ll end up in the land of milk and honey! If only that Yellow Brick Road was paved gold with no huge cracks that have been scotch-taped, deep potholes and treacherous 18-wheelers whizzing by […]

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The federal government fiddled while Eeyou Istchee burned

Left to burn for weeks, the massive forest fire sparked June 12 that led to the evacuation Eastmain caused widespread electricity blackouts, closed the James Bay Highway, disrupted food shipments and spread dangerously thick smog over Quebec and the Maritimes. […]

National Aboriginal Day: Celebrating the sun and First Peoples

National Aboriginal Day: Celebrating the sun and First Peoples

It was late morning as the throngs of First Nations participants clamoured together just beside Montreal City Hall to don their traditional garb and prepare for a ceremonious march through Place Jacques-Cartier in honour of National Aboriginal Day. The event, […]

Reclaiming Orphaned Mines

Reclaiming Orphaned Mines

Lush vegetation covers the scars of the abandoned Opémiska mine near Chapais The word “byproduct” often comes up when talking about the environment. We all know what it means: something that comes as a result of an action or process […]

The Assembly of First Nations faces 30% budget cuts

The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) received word on June 3 that the federal government would cut its operating budget– yet again – this time by 30%. There had long been speculation by many people working in Aboriginal advocacy that […]