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Interview: Romeo Saganash cans Tory throne speech

Interview: Romeo Saganash cans Tory throne speech

Governor General David Johnston delivered the Speech from the Throne October 16 to plot the political road that Canada’s Conservative government intends to pave over the last two years of its mandate. The speech featured numerous references to the history […]

Brandon Jolly, Savannah Jolly, Lexis Beattie and Brittany Moar

Nemaska high school students question lithium mining in their traditional territory

It isn’t often that youth from Nemaska’s Luke Mettaweskum High School participate in a community meeting about local mining projects, and it’s even more rare that they receive a standing ovation for the effort. But that’s what happened October 9 […]

The Orenda: Joseph Boyden speaks to the Nation about his acclaimed new novel

The Orenda: Joseph Boyden speaks to the Nation about his acclaimed new novel

An intense and jaw-dropping thriller, Giller Prize winner Joseph Boyden’s latest novel, The Orenda, tells a story from three perspectives at the time of first contact in a remarkable and unforgettable tale. A significant departure from his last book, Through […]

Luke MacLeod interviewing 1964 Olympic gold medal winner Billy Mills

One Cree man’s experience with weight-loss surgery

While it isn’t the most common solution, weight-loss surgery can be a valid choice for people who are morbidly obese, particularly when the health dangers outweigh the surgical risks. This was the case for Luke Macleod, who, up until just […]

Aboriginality: Beat Nation hits Montreal

Aboriginality: Beat Nation hits Montreal

When it comes to hip-hop, promiscuity is the key to creativity. Mashing different styles to give birth to original sounds is central to the urban-music scene. That’s why the Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture exhibition, launched October […]

Young Cree attend Montreal demonstration to support the people of Elsipogtog

Young Cree attend Montreal demonstration to support the people of Elsipogtog

In Montreal’s Cabot Square, at the edge of the crowd waiting for the October 18 Solidarity for Elsipogtog march to begin, stood four young people from Chisasibi: Summer Twenish, Dakota Quachegan, and their two roommates Melissa and Stephany. The day […]

New technology could prevent diabetes-related blindness

A technology that has just been made available to the diabetics of Eeyou Istchee could help prevent the onset of diabetic-related blindness. The tele-retinopathy process will transmit retina images taken in the north to specialists so that the patient can […]

QPIRG’s Culture Shock discussion highlights Aboriginal incarceration

A panel discussion on Aboriginal incarceration was one of the many events that took place at this year’s Culture Shock, an annual event which looks to dispel the stereotypes surrounding immigrants, refugees, Indigenous peoples and communities of colour. Hosted by […]

The first snow

I am always thrilled by the season’s first snowfall. A few days ago I was pleasantly surprised to awake to see a soft fresh blanket of snow outside my window that covered the pines and forest floor. In my remote […]

The medium is the message

Long ago, when books were rare or unheard of, storytelling was the way to pass on wisdom, humour, dirty jokes, tragedies and just plain old information. Then along came the Bible, which was translated into a new written language called […]