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Chief Wahoo hits the showers

Chief Wahoo hits the showers

  Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Indians have at long last decided to sideline “Chief Wahoo”, their oft-criticized, cringe-inducing mascot. After dubiously gracing the caps of the ball team for more than 60 years, the absurd caricature is finally being phased […]

Ontario reneges on logging promise at Grassy Narrows

Grassy Narrows First Nation’s decades-long battle to curb mercury poisoning in their community encountered a disturbing setback this holiday season, courtesy of the Ontario government. Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals approved plans for 10 more years of clear-cut logging in the […]

Photo by Xavier Wheesk

Walking for respect: Attawapiskat walkers heading towards Ottawa

Ten days into their journey on foot to Ottawa, participants in Attawapiskat’s Reclaiming Our Steps: Past, Present and Future trek reached Moosonee on the afternoon of Monday, January 13. The group had grown from three walkers to eight, walking from […]

Nipissing University

Old school, new school: Thinking of heading back to the classroom?

With the New Year in full swing, for those looking to reboot their lives by studying for something different, finishing high school to be able to start fulfilling a career dream or just pursuing an academic interest that has long […]

Charlie Hill and John Trudell

The last laugh: Comic Charlie Hill moves on to happier hunting grounds

Cree/Oneida standup comedian Charlie Hill passed away December 30 at the young age of 62 on his home reservation of White Earth in the state of Wisconsin after a long battle with lymphoma cancer. Hill’s career in show business began […]

Keith Martell, Chair and CEO of the FNBC

First Nations success in the banking sector

The visionaries behind the creation of the First Nations Bank of Canada (FNBC) could not foresee the rapid growth of the first Aboriginal-owned banking institution. Last year, the FNBC launched a new banking platform that made its operations fully independent […]

The Grand Council of the Crees applies to intervene in Strateco’s latest lawsuit

Just before Christmas, the Grand Council of the Crees launched an effort to counter the legal offensive by Boucherville-based Strateco Inc. over Quebec’s rejection of the proposed Matoush uranium project. The Grand Council is seeking legal status as an intervener […]

Waswanipi on road to fiscal health: Chief Paul Gull winning battle against budget deficits

Waswanipi on road to fiscal health: Chief Paul Gull winning battle against budget deficits

Waswanipi’s Paul Gull is well on his way to meeting one of his major goals during his current term as chief of the Cree community: getting the band council’s finances in order. When Gull was elected almost three years ago, […]

New program encourages leadership in Aboriginal tourism

The Aboriginal tourism industry in Quebec generates more than $160 million in revenues from the roughly 800,000 visitors attracted by the breathtaking landscape and culture of the First Nations of Quebec. With the growth of the industry over the years, […]

Follow the money

The Fraser Institute played the Grinch last month by encouraging Canadian governments to confiscate what it portrays as overly lavish gifts under the Christmas trees of First Nations people. According to a misleading study published in December by the right-wing […]