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Historic inaccuracies

I am writing about an article published in the Nation (Vol 25, No 21) August 17, “Oral history prevails; Hudson Bay Company’s first trading post is where the Cree said it was,” by Felix von Geyer. There are numerous mistakes […]

Coming down from the mountain

Coming down from the mountain

By contributor Isaac Voyageur “Shouk George, we’re almost there.” These words pierced the cold morning air on a bitter cold February morning. We barely took 10 steps and George refused to move because of the weight of our gear on the […]

Letter to the editor

Addressing Cree Education To the Nation, This letter is in response to the editorial by Daniel David (“The Cree way”, Vol. 19, No. 06, January 27, 2012). As Chairperson of the Cree School Board, I welcome the opinions and perspectives […]

From the GCCEI/CRA

We take issue with certain inaccurate statements made in the article in the January 27, 2012 issue of The Nation entitled “CREECO board nixes new structure – for now”. If not corrected, they could cause unfounded concern among the Cree people of […]

To John Ivison, The National Post

  I did call you back and left a message in your voicemail. Indeed, witnessing the horrible and deplorable living conditions of First Nation peoples of Attawapiskat gives a black eye to all Canadians. It is very sad and totally […]

David’s Journey

Our Cree Nation is young and vibrant. Like all Nations, we too need “Cree Champions”. Cree Champions who believe in worthy causes. Cree Champions who are courageous, who are history makers and believers of helping others who are in need […]


This is to express my excitement after reading the article written by Amy German, entitled “Cree Youth Going Global” in your January 14, 2011 issue of Nation (Vol. 18, No. 5) which features the story of Charley Wash [CNYC’s Youth […]

A problem with firearms

I wish to address a serious and disturbing problem in the Cree Nation that is growing at an alarming rate and, quite frankly, it is simply unbelievable. Answer me this, how many times can you recall in the past year […]

Surviving the survivors

I would like to express something about the residential schools issue. Maybe somebody has been gone through what I have been through. I have been reading and hearing a lot about the residential school money that survivors are given for […]

Remembering Smally

Here are a few words touching Smally Petawabano, as I found him when he was Chief in 1969. “Smally was the chief when I first went up to Mistassini in 1969. He was running the band out of a tiny, […]