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Lighting the way for those not here

Though the main event occurred earlier during the day in Ottawa, as night fell on October 4, thousands of candles were lit across the country at various Sisters in Spirit vigils to remember the lost souls of Canada’s missing and/or […]

Developing Economic Development

Since 1990, Canada’s Aboriginal economic developers have been meeting almost annually to swap strategies on how best to develop economic growth in their communities, support and advise their communities and organizations. Eighteen years later, Quebec had the opportunity once again […]

The George River is saved

Forestry, mining and hydroelectric developments will be now prohibited in a new 9,200-km2 protected zone between the George River Valley and the Monts Pyramides mountains. Monts Pyramides itself will become a park. The announcement was made by Quebec Premier Jean […]

Asking for government respect

Feeling as though they had no other recourse, at around 6am on October 6, community members from the Barriere Lake reserve blockaded Highway 117 in a last-ditch effort to get their message heard to implement an already-signed trilateral agreement. The […]

Avoiding bullets

On four occasions in the past two months – August 4 and 30, Sept. 5 and 20 – Mistissini has become one large shooting range for local partiers. It seems to be the big thing now is to get drunk […]

More Moving Woes

While it’s hard to find an employee at the Public Health Department of the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay who actually disagrees with the board’s move in theory, very few of them have anything positive […]

Islands and Youth

Both youth and land and their respective futures were on the table for discussion at Council Board meetings where local chiefs, Cree governance, members of various boards and other concerned individuals came together September 23 and 24 at Montreal’s Delta […]

A Blade Story

The crooked knife, also known as the drawknife or muuhkutaakan in Cree, was revolutionized by the European introduction of iron. However, prior to that its origins reach as far back as the Stone Age. According to author Russell Jalbert, who […]

Where’s the money?

After a 2005 flood in Kashechewan resulted in a complete evacuation of the reserve and severe damages to many of the residences, amidst public pressure, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada began to roll out the bucks to rebuild 60 homes. […]

Let them eat chips

Last March, scientists from the Toronto-based environmental company Gartner Lee travelled to Attawapiskat, a small Ontario town at the mouth of the Attawapiskat River where it flows into the James Bay, and studied the condition of the water surrounding the […]