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To be occupied…

To be occupied…

A picture, it is often said, is worth a thousand words. It seems a logo can achieve the same thing. The logo represents an actual logo of the Quebec government. One can at least respect them for coming out of […]

Show me the love

Valentine’s Day is upon us. I can already hear some guys and no doubt a few girls saying, “Damn, what to do, what to do?” The crass commercialization of Valentine’s Day means you are expected to get a card, flowers, […]

Breaking the ice

If you thought the Manifest Destiny era of colonization was over, think again. The now former President George W. Bush, during his last days in office, declared Canada’s claims of sovereignty over Arctic waters to be moot. “Freedom of the […]

The Lessons of 2008

The crown prosecutor in his case had asked for a one-year sentence, in order to send “a strong message,” whatever that means. To his credit, the judge refused, saying a year would likely be an illegal sentence. Nonetheless, the judicial […]

To make and break a year

Stuck in a rut? Making the same old resolutions year after year? Breaking the same old resolutions year after year? Got the will power of a weenie? Don’t beat yourself up over it. Making a resolution is recognizing there is […]

The eternity of Canadian politics

From a strong Conservative minority government that had just been elected, to (almost) a vote of non-confidence and a coalition government of Liberals and New Democrats with Bloc Québécois support, to (actually) a Parliament that has been shut down by […]

The last 10 years

Our professionalism has been of the highest standards. As proof of this, every year we win awards for our work. Though we don’t normally brag I will let part of our record speak for itself. These are the awards we […]

15 years

No one would have known anything about the fight except for yet another man looking on with pen and notepad in hand. He quickly runs to an office and begins to write the story. This is cowboy journalism. A man […]

Barriere Lake: Out in the Cold

Remember a number of years back when Canada was shocked to learn of the charming Saskatoon tradition called the starlight tours? This practice, you might recall, was favourite of that city’s police officers, who would arrest Aboriginal men and drop […]

Have you seen my sister?

When I was growing up I thought it was hard being someone of mixed heritage, I thought no one understands how hard it is to grow up off rez. For years I thought like that, the us-versus-them mentality, never realizing […]