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Walkers arrival

Winter 2013 and Nishiyuu arrival Video & Nishiyuu Walkers Arrival in Ottawa – March 2013 Video    

Concordia Debate

TRC movie screening

Participate in a national study

We invite you to participate in a national study on Indigenous workplace inclusion. Your participation will help to advance Indigenous employment in Canada. Take the workplace inclusion survey. This brief survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. All participants who […]

Nishiyuu arrive in Ottawa

By the final day of the Journey of the Nishiyuu, the number of young people walking to Ottawa had grown from the “original seven” who left Whapmagoostui in mid-January to nearly 300. At first, the crowd waiting for their arrival […]

Upcoming events in Montreal

Spring is here and there is plenty to do in the next few days if you’re in the area around the city of Montreal. On Saturday, March 30, there will be a global day of action taken against American oil […]

Mining Survey

A survey of mining-company executives conducted by the conservative think-tank the Fraser Institute says that the province of Quebec “continues to lose the confidence of the global mining community,” a piece of news that may be found bittersweet by some […]

Islands in question

The fate of offshore islands near the Wemindji portion of the James Bay coast will finally be voted on this coming March. Though the Crees and the Inuit came to an agreement with the federal government on jurisdiction over the […]

Life in the Wilderness

A lone white ptarmigan flies across the open country with wings beating fast, then glides for some distance, and then beats its wings again before disappearing behind an esker, the long winding ridge of sand and gravel left behind by […]

Old Man River

A year ago my brother and I made a pact to travel down the river our father and grandfathers worked for many summers. They paddled up and down the Rupert in the service of the Hudson’s Bay Company several times […]