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Making good career decisions

The world is changing rapidly for all of us. First Nations across the country are dealing with development on their traditional lands that can be overwhelming. New technologies and the arrival of worldwide communications, like the internet, have changed all […]

The wave of the future

I am a fan of technology. From the time I received my first computer, there was no looking back. It is funny to think now that my little android smartphone can do so much more than that old 386 PC […]

Quit playing games

Just about everywhere we go these days we are surrounded by people who are into gaming – console, PC and online games. There are a lot of games that have to do with war or violence in terms of first […]

The first snow

I spent the afternoon working around my cottage preparing for winter, putting away anything that was unprotected from the ice and snow. Then I stored anything that could freeze and sheltered anything that could be moved. I cleared a lot […]

Reach for the stars

The Cree of the James Bay coast have always turned to the sky for survival. Every fall we looked up from our blinds on the land to harvest migrating birds moving south for the winter. Our lives depended on the […]

Bearing witness

I received a note from my sister Janie Wesley this past week that included an historic document. Her message asked me to look at the image of a typewritten telegram or letter that was sent October 17, 1945. It detailed […]

That long and winding road

The Ontario government has announced it will build an all-season road to the province’s far north. This is mostly to help in the expansion of resource development projects in the proposed Ring of Fire mining area. A secondary benefit is […]

In another time and place

As I get older, I start to understand what my parents felt with the passage of time. As a teenager, I often noticed my mom Susan and dad Marius become more contemplative as they aged. They would pause and stare […]

Ghost Towns

I recall a trip by snowmobile a few years ago with my dad Marius Kataquapit and my brothers. We were on an excursion to visit a couple of legendary ghost towns up the coast about 160 kilometres north of Attawapiskat. […]

Facebook – a modern dilemma

I am not a fan of Facebook but after waiting by the sidelines for years I have finally broken down and joined the foray. I did so out of sheer necessity as being on Facebook makes it easier for me […]