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Roger Orr chronicles the rough-and-tumble life of the homeless in Val d’Or in an online video series

Confronted with the brutal side of Val d’Or, Nemaska drug counsellor Roger Orr decided not to turn away. Instead, he decided to record an intimate glimpse at the City of Gold’s impoverished underbelly. While staying at the city’s Native Friendship […]

WATCH: Wemindji’s Nicaragua students tell their story

This video was submitted to us by the students of Maquatua Eeyou School in Wemindji who are currently raising money to finance a humanitarian trip to build schools and clinics in Nicaragua. Read the entire story here Show them your […]

Aboriginality: Beat Nation hits Montreal

Aboriginality: Beat Nation hits Montreal

When it comes to hip-hop, promiscuity is the key to creativity. Mashing different styles to give birth to original sounds is central to the urban-music scene. That’s why the Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture exhibition, launched October […]

Debate over the Charter of Quebec Values heats up

Everywhere you go, you are bound to encounter people going head-to-head or seeing eye-to-eye on the PQ government’s proposed Charter of Quebec Values. The debate between those for and against it is causing a firestorm the likes of which Quebecers […]

McGill University holds annual powwow

McGill University holds annual powwow

The sun was out in full force on September 20 beating down on McGill University. It was a perfect day for McGill’s 12th Annual Powwow on the lower campus fields giving students and passersby a chance to experience First Nations, […]

A brighter future for PAQ

Since the announcement of a new building for the Projets Autochtones du Québec (PAQ) homeless shelter in early July, the project is proceeding on schedule. After a turbulent year during which the organization was on the verge of closing, the […]

The Starvation Story

The Starvation Story

The Shaman and the Frost

The Hunter Who Always Slept

The Legend of the Snowshoes