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Happy anniversary?

In his piece about a totem pole erected on May 1 in front of Montreal’s Musée des beaux-arts as part of the city’s 375th anniversary celebrations, Nation writer Dan Isaac gives us an interesting quote from the totem’s carver, Charles […]

CNG responds to Moose Cree motion supporting Canada and Ontario in land claim

CNG responds to Moose Cree motion supporting Canada and Ontario in land claim

The Moose Cree have filed a motion in Ontario Superior Court against the Cree Nation Government (CNG) land claim that seeks to have Canada and the province recognize Aboriginal rights and title for the Quebec Crees on a portion of […]

Declan’s Baptism

My son Declan was recently baptized in the Anglican Church. As I am not a Christian it may be surprising that I would participate in this ceremony – especially since I attended the Anglican-run Horden Hall residential school as a […]

Beyak gets the boot

Conservative Senator Lynn Beyak’s recent, well-publicized remarks on residential schools were disturbing, to say the least. When she told the Senate Standing Committee on Aboriginal Peoples that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission failed to communicate all the good accomplished by […]

Taking on the Yukon Wilderness

Taking on the Yukon Wilderness

As Canada approaches its 150th birthday, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on our country and what it means to be Canadian. We all know what a stereotypical Canadian is supposed to be: Timmies drinking, hockey loving, outdoorsy, […]

Sick and tired of our health system

Today was the first day of spring and up north we are happy that the end of very cold weather has finally arrived. It has been a strange winter with very cold spells and temperatures of -30º Celsius while also […]


Northern Chief celebrates Sixties Scoop ruling

Chief Marcia Brown Martel of Beaverhouse First Nation near Kirkland Lake, Ontario, is excited and relieved that a Toronto judge has ruled in favour of the Sixties Scoop class action lawsuit. The suit, which Chief Brown Martel has led during […]

The Lemon Cree 2nd Annual Health Conference in Montreal, Quebec on November 11th and 12th, 2013.

Lemon Cree healing First Nations from coast to coast

Like a rolling stone that gathers no moss, Theresa Ducharme has once again reinvented the concept of her Lemon Cree business. She has created add-on products to improve the life and wellness of the people she has so diligently trained […]

Protesters draw attention to high food prices in the North on Saturday June 9, 2012 in Iqualuit, Nunavut. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Aaron Watson

Research suggests Nutrition North fails to meet northern needs

University of Toronto researcher Tracey Galloway didn’t mince words when asked for her opinion concerning Canada’s Nutrition North program. “It’s not effective,” she said. Established by the former Conservative government in 2011 to replace the Foodmail program, Nutrition North Canada […]

For sale

Canada’s history with Aboriginal Peoples is unreal. Once Canada was a shining beacon of human rights throughout the world. But its tarnished past began showing the reality of the relationship between the government and its “wards of the state.” It’s […]