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The heart of the volunteer

When we used to organize our tournaments, we’d look for volunteers to help out. Their question would be, “Well, how much do I get paid?” I’ll leave that there. It was funny sometimes when the search for volunteers was returned […]

Keep our Elders with us

I can fluently speak my Cree language and I know how to survive on the land. I owe these skills to the fact that I grew up surrounded by my parents and Elders in my home community of Attawapiskat. How […]

Christmas glow

It was near the end of office-party season just before Christmas many moons ago. I was rushing out of a well-known hotel in downtown Montreal into a nasty day, with the wind blowing snow twisters down the street and spinning […]

Good Will to all

It’s time for the last editorial thoughts of 2016. It’s been a crazy year: no charges for the Val-d’Or SQ officers denounced for physical and sexual abuse, questionable environmental monitoring and practices by De Beers, the amazing support for Standing […]

Sharing, caring and you

Sharing, caring and you

Every Christmas, I encourage people to open their hearts and wallets for those less fortunate. According to a Facebook post, Oujé-Bougoumou Chief Curtis Bosum thinks much the same way. “Some thoughts as we enter the holiday season,” Bosum wrote. “It […]