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Tea & Bannock: Everlasting bond

I used to spend all my summers in the bush, on the shores of Assinica Lake. My family owned Broadback Fishing Camp back then, so when the school year was over we would make our way to Chibougamau, take a […]

Political leadership

Politicians have a hard path to walk at times. Just mentioning the word politician carries a negative vibe. Many of us don’t see those in elected office as having integrity and accountability. However, they are necessary to any democracy as […]


Sensitization sessions for Montreal police

“Where are you from?” With those four simple words, Montreal police officers can learn to build bridges and avoid confrontation when coming in contact with members of the city’s Aboriginal community, which now numbers more than 26,000. That is the […]

Thinking in Cree

“Nee Ee-Nee-Nee-Moo-N Ah-S-Pah-N Ee Wah-Shee-Shee-Yah-N,” means I have spoken Cree since I was a child. Although both my parents spoke some English and even learned a little French during their time at residential school, the language my brothers and sisters […]