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Campaign season

We’ve seen a lot of campaigning over the past year, a year that was kicked off by the elections of our new Grand Chief and Deputy Grand Chief, Abel Bosum and Mandy Gull, respectively. This, of course, was an exciting […]

The Anniversary of the JBNQA

I consider it the highest privilege to have been elected to be the Grand Chief of the Cree Nation – a privilege that I promise to fulfill to the best of my ability. It is a profoundly humbling feeling to […]

Our future

There’s a lot of talk about the proposed Cree constitution. Many are asking worried questions about what it means and what will it do for the Cree Nation. Straight off, it’s important for me to say that I support the […]

The wrong arm of the law

Once again Quebec is pushing a policy without taking the time to address how it will affect First Nations in the province. You might think the Quebec government has a collective form of Alzheimer’s disease given the forgotten lessons of […]