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The art of celebration

The young boy aims for the sitting goose on the pond, a loner, we called it. Using a .410 shotgun, he squeezed off a single shot, killing the goose. We all smile and cheer silently, as other geese are showing […]

Declan’s Baptism

My son Declan was recently baptized in the Anglican Church. As I am not a Christian it may be surprising that I would participate in this ceremony – especially since I attended the Anglican-run Horden Hall residential school as a […]

Our future

There’s a lot of talk about the proposed Cree constitution. Many are asking worried questions about what it means and what will it do for the Cree Nation. Straight off, it’s important for me to say that I support the […]

Signs of things to come

Newly elected US President Donald Trump has a dream: to “make America great again.” It’s a far cry from anything Martin Luther King Jr. would have endorsed when he had a dream for America. Trump’s first days in the Oval […]

What is governance?

The Grand Council is beginning a tour of all Eeyou communities, including Mocreebec and Washaw Sibi, to consult on governance and a Cree constitution. So it’s time to reflect on what this means for those of us who live in […]

Happy Holidays & Greetings from Standing Rock

This holiday editorial may seem familiar, but that’s because its message is always needed. Whoever you may be, no matter what you have done, whatever the pain in your life right now or whatever circumstances surround you, look around and […]

A horse called Injustice

There has rarely been a bigger display of intertribal solidarity than what we are now seeing in the protests at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in North Dakota. It is an important fight for the Sioux people and one that […]

Wrap your guns

HIV stats from Saskatchewan carry a grim warning for First Nations around the country. Canada’s Aboriginal populations have a high rate of infection, but that province has a rate comparable undeveloped countries. For every 10 new cases of HIV, seven […]

The $80 Indian

The $80 Indian

Like many non-Natives in North America, I can point to at least one First Nations ancestor. My great-grandfather, Charles Augustus Fry (pictured here at his wedding with Edna Eaton), emigrated from Oklahoma to Western Canada in the late 1890s. He […]

The wrong arm of the law

Once again Quebec is pushing a policy without taking the time to address how it will affect First Nations in the province. You might think the Quebec government has a collective form of Alzheimer’s disease given the forgotten lessons of […]