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How to build the perfect backyard ice rink

For many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, play during the cold months meant a makeshift patch of ice wherever one could find it. A pond or a lake and a shovel would suffice. If you lived close to a […]

“Mr. Hockey: My Story”  Book Review

“Mr. Hockey: My Story” Book Review

Considered by no less than Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky as the greatest player to play professional hockey, Gordie Howe now offers his own take on his career, early life and the upbringing that produced the athlete known as “Mr. […]

One shovel at a time

Long ago, one of my favourite escapes during cold February days was to the outdoor ice rink next to our old school in Attawapiskat. After winter blizzards, the ice surface would be covered in drifting snow three to four feet […]

Jordin Tootoo recounts how he went all the way

Jordin Tootoo recounts how he went all the way

Jordin Tootoo, the first and still only Inuk to play in the National Hockey League, is enjoying something of a rebirth this year with the New Jersey Devils. It’s another in a long series of second and third chances for […]