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Longest day, shortest night

The waters are rushing off into swirls of pools glisten in the noonday sun. It’s like a desert in intensity, yet there’s water everywhere, trapped in its frozen form and rendered into the life of the earth – water. It’s […]

Sick and tired of our health system

Today was the first day of spring and up north we are happy that the end of very cold weather has finally arrived. It has been a strange winter with very cold spells and temperatures of -30º Celsius while also […]

The shores of Vinland

According to official history books, Hudson Bay was “discovered” in the 1600s by someone looking for the easy way to the Orient for spices and tea, only to find instead treachery and the cold bitter waves of defeat as they […]

Changing with the seasons

Well, it looks like winter is just around the corner. I am surprised that the leaves are changing colour in mid-September but then again I am in the north and that should be expected. After one of the warmest summers […]

Winter benefits

Ooowwwaaahhh!  It’s chilly!  I slowly creep out of bed, the early morning light outside barely makes it past the curtains.  Using my cellphone, I light my way to the thermostat and start up the trusty oil furnace. No electric heating […]

Sub-zero ecstasy

Sub-zero ecstasy

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s winter in the land of the wandering polar bear, with the biting and burning winds in this sub-zero climate we like to call home. Taking note of this, the wind chill hovering around minus-50 […]