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Christmas glow

It was near the end of office-party season just before Christmas many moons ago. I was rushing out of a well-known hotel in downtown Montreal into a nasty day, with the wind blowing snow twisters down the street and spinning […]

Good Will to all

It’s time for the last editorial thoughts of 2016. It’s been a crazy year: no charges for the Val-d’Or SQ officers denounced for physical and sexual abuse, questionable environmental monitoring and practices by De Beers, the amazing support for Standing […]

Happy Holidays & Greetings from Standing Rock

This holiday editorial may seem familiar, but that’s because its message is always needed. Whoever you may be, no matter what you have done, whatever the pain in your life right now or whatever circumstances surround you, look around and […]

Sharing, caring and you

Sharing, caring and you

Every Christmas, I encourage people to open their hearts and wallets for those less fortunate. According to a Facebook post, Oujé-Bougoumou Chief Curtis Bosum thinks much the same way. “Some thoughts as we enter the holiday season,” Bosum wrote. “It […]