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Positives for a change

Positives for a change

The difference in attitude toward First Nations people with the new federal government is amazing. The contrast with the closed and hostile Harper government is huge. That difference was illustrated by the meeting in early June that members of a […]

Hate is a four-letter word

On June 12, we were all reminded just how crazy, bigoted and homophobic our world is. At least 49 people were massacred and 53 more injured at a gay club in Orlando, Florida, by one gunman with a high-powered assault […]

The graduation trip

Elementary school graduating classes are heading out on special trips all over the country. I remember what a big deal that tour was for my classmates and I when we visited Toronto and Niagara Falls. Up to that point I […]

It’s the end of the world as we know it

So much of our society seems to be obsessed by the end of the world: Armageddon, the end of times, the grand finale. There are so many websites and blogs dedicated to this subject and most of them sadly are […]

Action needed to foster hope in First Nations

Suicide has always been an issue in First Nations across Canada. The problem recently exploded with reports of a suicide pact between 11 teenagers in my home community of Attawapiskat. There are many reasons young people in remote First Nations […]

You are what you eat

I’ve never followed what is considered to be a good diet. I love starchy meals, fatty snacks, sugary pop, creamy sauces, salty treats and fried food. As a child in Attawapiskat, it was common for my mom to make us […]

Making Education a Priority

In recent conversations with several First Nation Chiefs in northern Ontario I learned that they are dedicating a lot of time and energy to make education a priority for Native people. I understand how important education is if we want […]

Getting good water quality

My favourite drink is water (nipi in Cree). Just plain old water is my choice for quenching my thirst. Water is life giving and without it we would not survive long. As a matter of fact although a person can […]

Thinking in Cree

“Nee Ee-Nee-Nee-Moo-N Ah-S-Pah-N Ee Wah-Shee-Shee-Yah-N,” means I have spoken Cree since I was a child. Although both my parents spoke some English and even learned a little French during their time at residential school, the language my brothers and sisters […]

Negotiation is better than conflict

My people have come a long way in obtaining a life with more opportunity and hope. Through education First Nation people all over Canada are moving into leadership roles in government and private enterprise, in both Native and non-Native initiatives. […]