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Into the vortex

I cannot recall many winters as cold as this one. This winter started with a lot of snowstorms in December and then in January we got more snow and the temperatures here in northern Ontario dropped to -30º and felt […]

Dangerous winter roads

Northern Ontario is a fantastic place to be born and raised in. Much of this vast land is composed of wilderness with sparkling lakes and rivers. We still have a lot of wildlife living here and many of us hunt […]

Keeping warm the Cree way

Winter is coming, and I’m not talking about the phrase made famous by the Game of Thrones series. There are pictures of geese flying south early from all over Eeyou Istchee. Most Cree know (or should know) that this is […]

A real winter

It was a spectacular winter day, our snowmobiles chugging along faithfully just north of Paint Hills, around Comb Island. The ptarmigan were scarce and scared, but we managed to bag a number of them before we decided to make fire […]

Souped-up sledding

I love winter. It’s a great time to be outside and enjoy life, frozen and white. It’s a time that many might think it’s better to be inside, but what’s better than riding the open tundra or in a tight […]

Standing Rock water protectors celebrate, prepare for long winter

Standing Rock water protectors celebrate, prepare for long winter

The original sacred fire at the Oceti Sakowin resistance camp was extinguished earlier this month. But for many, the fight is far from over. While people around the world rejoiced on December 4 when the Obama administration suspended the easement […]

Changing with the seasons

Well, it looks like winter is just around the corner. I am surprised that the leaves are changing colour in mid-September but then again I am in the north and that should be expected. After one of the warmest summers […]

Take care in the cold

After a warm early Poo-poon (Cree for “winter”) here in northern Ontario, now we are paying for it with temperatures of minus 20 or lower. The other day we got dumped with a lot of Koon (Cree for “snow”) and, […]


How to build the perfect backyard ice rink

For many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, play during the cold months meant a makeshift patch of ice wherever one could find it. A pond or a lake and a shovel would suffice. If you lived close to a […]

Programs and ideas for improving your health during the cold months

Programs and ideas for improving your health during the cold months

With the light and warmth of summer months away, the natural inclination is to bundle up in front of the TV as much as possible. However, this is the worst plan for your health as human beings need to be […]