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Wabun youth gathering changes lives

Wabun youth gathering changes lives

Ethan Naveau of Mattagami First Nation has attended the Wabun Youth Cultural Gathering since it began 12 years ago. Now as a senior youth, it brought back old memories as he made new ones when he attended the gathering of […]

Talking to geese

In Kirkland Lake this past month, I had the opportunity to appreciate Niska (Canada goose) again. A couple of parent geese had decided to have their chicks on the edges of Kinross Pond, in the middle of town. I recently […]

What’s on your playlist?

I feel old these days. I can really feel a sense of my life experience when I compare music with younger people. I have an eclectic taste in music and enjoy the great variety there is in the world. I […]

Identify theft

It’s not easy being a Native person in this country. My people have had extreme challenges over hundreds of years and the fact that we have managed to survive is amazing. As a Mushkego Cree from the James Bay coast, […]

Remembering Uncle George

It seems like every time I head out on a vacation for the past few years I get tragic news. Recently, as I was leaving the country, I heard that my Uncle George had passed away. This made me very […]

Mother Earth will endure

The water is running. Snow is melting. The geese are flying north. I can hear and see all of this from up here in northern Ontario. I can even smell spring in the air. After an up-and-down, cold-and-warm very strange […]

Sick and tired of our health system

Today was the first day of spring and up north we are happy that the end of very cold weather has finally arrived. It has been a strange winter with very cold spells and temperatures of -30º Celsius while also […]

There goes Disneyland

How hard is it to be a Chief of a First Nation? Well, it is not an easy trail. Anyone who decides to become the leader of his or her First Nation community or run for leadership positions nationally, provincially […]


Northern Chief celebrates Sixties Scoop ruling

Chief Marcia Brown Martel of Beaverhouse First Nation near Kirkland Lake, Ontario, is excited and relieved that a Toronto judge has ruled in favour of the Sixties Scoop class action lawsuit. The suit, which Chief Brown Martel has led during […]

Warming up to the future

As I write, today is one of those really dangerous times to travel on the road in northern Ontario. The weather is causing great problems all along Highway 11 from North Bay to Thunder Bay with freezing rain being reported […]