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President Black Eagle

Last May, while campaigning in the hotly contested Democratic primaries for the presidential nomination, Barack Obama was granted honorary membership in the Crow Nation, a tribe that numbers about 12,000 people in southern Montana. Because tribe members Hartford and Mary […]

Sacred Moose

Sacred Moose

Ontario Provincial Police officers in Timmins were a little surprised to come across a white moose recently. Fortunately, one officer had a camera and snapped a few shots of this rare animal. White animals have always had significance for First […]

Highway of Tears

The Highway of Tears in British Columbia between the northern cities of Prince George and Prince Rupert is so named because 18 women have gone missing along the route over the last several years. The Walk 4 Justice group and […]

Construction consortium builds friction

The new construction consortium is leading to some confusion in Mistissini’s construction industry. One company alleges that there is practically a monopoly in the distribution of civil contracts from the band office. Matthew Wapatchee says the consortium, which consists of […]

Elephant steps for small feet

If there were only more Cree scientists there would be less of a gap when it comes to delivering medical services to the Cree communities, Hydro Quebec would see their tech employees mandate filled and young Crees would want to […]

Going global with indigenous education

Language and cultural survival topped the agenda for the triennial World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education, which was attended by Voyageur Memorial teacher Leon Déconti in Australia December 7-11. Thousands of delegates from across the globe attended this very special […]

Nest egg cracks

The Crees have not escaped the global financial meltdown. The Cree Nation Trust, created to manage the $1.1 billion transferred to the Crees last February by the federal government under the terms of the 20-year New Relationship Agreement with Canada, […]

Breaking the ice

If you thought the Manifest Destiny era of colonization was over, think again. The now former President George W. Bush, during his last days in office, declared Canada’s claims of sovereignty over Arctic waters to be moot. “Freedom of the […]

Russian Roulette on winter roads

It is dark outside and after driving for eight hours I am on the last stretch before arriving home. My wipers streak back and forth across my windshield to keep the wet, snowy sleet from obscuring my view. Every time […]


By M-Four International There has been a vast increase in blue-collar workers, managers and professionals who have been squeezed out of big corporations, struggling to compete in one of the worst global fiascoes since the Great Depression of the early […]