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Movin’ On Up

Though it might be hard to quantify whether residents of Val-d’Or are less inclined to racial prejudice ever since the city’s Native Friendship Centre (NFC) began its Awareness Week for the Elimination off Racial Discrimination, the movement itself has certainly […]

Mining Mount Royal

Imagine a huge open-pit mine in the heart of Montreal. It’s not that far-fetched – Mount Royal, the ancient volcanic mountain that rises above the city’s downtown and the St. Lawrence River, is a storehouse of valuable minerals. Judging by […]

Clarifying the Oujé-Bougoumou meetings

I read with interest the recent articles in The Nation (Vol 16, Issues 11 & 12, April 10 & 24, 2009) on the presentation at the end of March to the Oujé-Bougoumou people of the results of the risk assessment […]

Building a business despite exclusivity

Regarding the article “Exclusive Turf” (Vol. 16, Issue 10, March 27, 2009), you should correct the statement regarding the BuroPlus franchise store in Val-d’Or (Gyva). This operation holds the dealership for Lacasse office furniture and Mistissini, according to Lacasse, falls […]

Get Your Facts Straight

I am writing in response to the recent comments made by the respected Boyce Richardson published in the Nation (Vol 16, Issue 10, March 27, 2009) and 9 Will Nicholls’) comments as editor-in-chief. Since your failure to return my telephone […]

Will on the Grill

Restaurant L’Orignal, 479 Saint-Alexis (corner Notre Dame) I had the opportunity to experience L’Orignal a while back. This restaurant features wild game and does it with panache. Owner Travis Champion, an expert in wild meat, grew up in New Brunswick […]

Looking for a foster home

Sarah, Sophie and Marie are Cree siblings who are in need of a respite foster home, one weekend a month – from Friday evening to Sunday evening. The sisters are very close, and play well together. Sarah, 9, is especially […]

It’s Dr. Michele Rouleau on the go

On May 9 the Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (UQAT) celebrated its 25th anniversary and honoured Michèle Rouleau and Henri Masse with honourary doctorates in Amos. UQAT chose to award an honourary title to Rouleau because of her extraordinary work […]

EU seal products ban exempts Inuit

The European Parliament resoundingly passed a bill banning the sale of all but Inuit communities’ seal products in a 550-49 vote on May 5. An earlier draft of the European bill would have allowed exemptions for countries that could certify […]

John Bosum’s guns

On March 28, John Bosum showed his guns off at the Mike Gould Classic arm-wrestling competition in Toronto. In his weight class he placed third using his right arm. His left gun did a little better taking the number two […]