John Bosum’s guns

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On March 28, John Bosum showed his guns off at the Mike Gould Classic arm-wrestling competition in Toronto. In his weight class he placed third using his right arm. His left gun did a little better taking the number two spot.

Bosum said he has a chance to be a part of Team Canada in Italy this September. Bosum is looking to be one of Canada’s top ten arm wrestlers.

“I beat one of the top pullers in Canada and I didn’t even realize it at the time,” said Bosum. He added he hopes to go even higher and “hopefully become the first Cree champion.”

Bosum says he gets a lot of personal support from people but there have been negative comments also. “I think that’s okay and that plays well,” said Bosum laughing saying he’s feels the challenge to prove naysayers wrong. “I want to show the youth and people you have to get out there. Take the negative comments and make it a positive thing in your life by making it a challenge or obstacle to overcome. I encourage everyone to push themselves to see what they are really capable of.”

Bosum needs sponsors though to help make his dreams come true. Sponsors can contact him at jdfaithel003@hotmail.comfor more info.

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