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Learning to teach

Sitting in coveted shade at the Kahnawake Powwow, they looked like a group of old friends, joking around as they ate Indian Tacos, making silly faces for the camera. But just a week before, most of these young Cree leaders […]

Are you label savvy?

A big part of being healthy is based on eating healthy. But in order to really eat healthy we need to understand what is in the food we eat so that we can make the right decisions when we fill […]

Cree traditional medicine travels well

Having experienced the power of Cree traditional healing first hand, Chisasibi’s Larry House was thrilled to share the positive impact of these practices this past June at the International Indigenous Development Research Conference in Auckland, New Zealand. House appeared at […]

Echoes of a Proud Nation’s many colours

The 22nd edition of the Echoes of a Proud Nation Powwow went off, as usual, without a hitch despite the sweltering heat of the July 14-15 weekend. The drums were pulsating deep in the heart of Kahnawake as First Nations […]

New land governance deal to take effect

By the time you read this, Quebec Premier Jean Charest is expected to have announced that a governance agreement to restore Cree land rights will have been reached with the Grand Council of the Cree. Since Bill 40, which created […]

Uranium fallout

On June 6, in the middle of the public hearings held by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to examine the request by Strateco Resources to begin “advanced” uranium exploration on Cree ancestral lands near Mistissini, Chisasibi Chief Davey Bobbish and […]

Beach blanket boogie

Once in a hot while, the thought of hitting the beach seems to be just the solution for cooling down anyone from north of 52. Just a thought, though, as I am one of those unfortunate few who just can’t […]

A better tomorrow?

On July 18, Chiefs from most First Nations in Canada gathered in Toronto. It was the Assembly of First Nations Annual General Assembly and this year elections were held for the National Grand Chief. For some reason Willie Dunn’s song, […]

ᑳ ᐙᐹᐦᐆᑯᓈᓂᐎᒡ

ᓯᐱᔨᐤ ᐋ ᒌ ᑎᐹᒋᒧᑦ, ᒋᓵᓰᐲ ᐱᕌᔨᓐ ᐌᑉ ᑳ ᒥᓯᓂᐦᐊᐦᒃ ᑭᔮ ᑳ ᐃᑣᔥᑎᒫᑎᐦᒃ ᐹᔨᒀᐤ ᓅᐦᑖᐐ ᒌ ᐐᒋᐦᐄᐙᐤ ᐋ ᐙᐹᐦᐆᑯᓈᓂᐎᔨᒡ᙮ ᐋᐅᒄ ᑳ ᒫᒥᔅᑳᑖᔨᐦᑎᒫᓐ ᐊᓐ, ᐊᓐ ᑎᐹᒋᒧᐎᓐ ᐊᓂᔮ ᑳ ᐃᐦᑎᒡ ᐊᓂᔮ᙮ ᔖᔥ-ᐋ? ᐋᐅᒄ ᒑ ᑎᐹᒋᒧᔮᓐ᙮ ᐊᓂᑖ ᐋ ᐃᐦᑖᔮᐦᒡ ᐊᓂᑖ ᒫᓂᐦᐄᑯᔅᑳᑭᒦᐦᒡ᙮ ᑳᑭᔮ ᒑᒃ ᐊᓂᑖ […]

Adrift on the Bay

Told by Harry Scipio, Chisasibi Translated and transcribed by Brian Webb Once my late father was with a group of hunters on a sheet of ice that drifted away into open water. That story amazed me. I shall tell […]