2017 Hunting, Fishing and Camping Show

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Every year I make a semi-sacred pilgrimage to the Montreal Hunting, Fishing and Camping Show to see what’s new in the tools that help a Cree survive. To be truthful I also go to see what new flavours and spices are being used in the various types of meat, especially the jerkies.

This year I went on two different days, taking my five-year-old son Hunter on the second. I thought it was time he started looking at the tools one needs in the great outdoors of Eeyou Istchee and beyond. The show was extremely kid friendly.

Hunter was fascinated with almost everything and tried to get as many freebies as he could whether they were giving them away or not. He did take many licks from a dog that responded to his love. Dragging him away from that booth was a job and a half. Next up he insisted on wearing the balaclava as it made him look like a “ninja.” You can find it at www.hypnoseclothing.com for $24.95.










Next up was his fascination with the live geese. I gave my imitation of a goose with the flu, which Hunter quickly imitated. Shortly after we came upon a demonstration of goose calling using a caller. Both Hunter and I quickly answered getting a laugh from the crowd and presenter. I can only hope they were laughing with us and not at our calling ability.

Our old friend Rhéal Charlebois from Recall Designs was on hand and Hunter made him go through his entire selection of calls. It turns out Rhéal makes more than just goose calls. There were a variety of duck calls and I was most impressed with his teal caller.

Recall Designs is providing the Nation with a new goose call, appropriately named Goose Break, to give away to a lucky Nation reader. All you have to do is one of three things: a) send us a hi-resolution goose break photo; b) submit a goose hunt story of 600 words or less; or c) a favourite goose or duck recipe.

While you can send only one entry per category per person you can get up to three entries by sending one of each. All entries must be received by March 31. You can email them to news@nationnews.ca or mail them to:

The Nation Goose Call Contest, 4529 Clark Street #403 Montreal, Quebec  H2T 2T3


Hunter’s next new experience was the Taktik booth where he got to shoot at a target using a M-16 type of pellet gun. The pellets were made with corn so it was environmentally friendly and a lot of fun for him. He would have stayed there and spent all my money if I had let him.










I found Hunter to be a very hands-on sort of boy often running to check out something new. He was leaping on four-wheelers trying to start them up to the laughter of people passing by. He was fascinated with the TAB 400 mini-trailer saying we should get one for him to use in our backyard. With prices ranging from $25G-$40G, Hunter will have to be satisfied with a tent this year.

Maky, an entertainer selling New Jersey as a vacation choice, was taller than ever. Hunter and Maky got along like nothing else. Turns out New Jersey is more than a just a backdrop for the Sopranos. Check it out sometime.

Hunter quickly discovered the Wind Pouch. Billed as an inflatable hammock/lounger, this product is amazing. Not only is it comfortable, it can take up to 550 pounds before bursting. Another plus is that it’s waterproof meaning you can lounge on the water with it. Priced at $80, it is rugged and durable.


Hunter was starting to get hungry so we stopped at Western’s Smokehouse. I like this product as they seem to come up with new flavours each year. They are looking to expand into the north. Any interested retailers should contact them through pro-snack.com or call 450-714-1112.

One of the coolest boats I came across was at the Thomas Marine booth. It was a punt with a shallow water outboard motor. This would be great for getting in and out of hard-to-reach places. My dad used to have one that I would use and it was great for creeks and mudflats. The price is hard to beat at $3995 for everything.DSC_1842

Of course, there was the old standby of the past – the Zodiac, which went for the same price without a motor. Both are lightweight and could be portaged without much effort.

It was disappointing not to find any Cree outfitters at the show. From Eeyou Istchee Hydro-Québec Radisson showed up promoting their outfitters, a local painter and included a virtual reality visit to a hydroelectric plant to celebrate 45 years in Eeyou Istchee.

One of the last things I did with Hunter was to take him fishing in a round pool filled with rainbow trout. His excitement at catching a fish pried open my wallet to allow him to get two more so he could provide supper for us that evening.

All in all a nice trip to see what was new and what could be had for those into outdoor lifestyles.


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