Bar Robbery in Radisson

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In the early hours of June 29, at approximately 1:50 am, three armed masked men entered Bar le Boreale in the heart of Radisson and held the barmaid up for approximately $3000.

According to the Sûreté du Québec in Radisson, the money that was stolen was comprised mainly of $20 bills.

At the time of the robbery the barmaid was alone in the establishment without any other clients or bar staff.

The barmaid described the men as wearing ski masks, having darker skin tones and two of the suspects carried firearms. One was armed with a rifle and the other, a handgun.

“The handgun looked real,” said Zani Duchesneau of the SQ.

Duchesneau said that according to the police report, the three men spoke little to each other but when they did they spoke French with some variety of accent.

Since the robbery, bar owner Michel Desjardins has appeared on a local radio station to offer a reward to the public for any information regarding the hold-up.

Duchensneau, who heard the broadcast, said that while on the air Desjardins alleged that the armed robbery suspects could have been Cree on account of their skin tone and accent when speaking French.

Due to the fact that this is an ongoing investigation, the SQ is not releasing any further details at this time.


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